We’re pretty basic at Sunrae.

We like cold drinks on hot days. We like warm sand and rough surf. We like sunshine and fresh juice and we love – Iike seriously LOVE – hot, healing ginger root. So much so, that we throw a gnarly knob of the stuff into all our favorite blends. It’s our cure-all: The anti-inflammatory, anti-nausea, immunity-boosting power herb.

Our Founder


What’s our why? Delivering healthy ingredients with none of the BS, for starters. It’s pretty hard to find juice that’s actually healthy these days, between a disturbingly long list of sugars and fillers that might as well be in a different language.

At Sunrae, we believe that fresh fruits, roots, micro-nutrients, antioxidants, and adaptogenic botanicals are the key to stellar immunity, happy digestion, glowing skin, and laser-sharp focus. That’s why we skip those sketchy additives, delivering concentrated nutrients with a damn good impact.

Ginger, our star ingredient, is anti-inflammatory, can neutralize free radicals, and offers a natural, stimulant-free energy boost.

Because we want you feeling your finest: energized, healthy, and ready to take on the joy and chaos of this wacky little planet we call earth. ☀